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What is Halal food?

In Arabic, Halal refers to what is permitted in Islamic law. If a restaurant claims to serve Halal food, it must comply with Islamic dietary laws for food preparation and consumption by Islam followers. Halal-certified means that the restaurant has maintained a stringent process of desktop and site audits to ensure authenticity as a halal food provider.

Regarding serving meat, bona fide halal restaurants should follow specific animal slaughter methods and avoid certain ingredients such as pork. Pork is not allowed to be eaten (considered “haram food,” Arabic for “haram”), and according to Sharia law, all other animals must be humanely slaughtered before consumption.

According to Halal guidelines, alcohol is prohibited. Many restaurants have various halal dining options, such as serving burgers, wings, biriyani, shawarma, and southern classics.

It is worth noting that Halal certification may vary by country and region, so its certification details may differ from location to location. Many restaurants may advertise as Halal or Halal certified, but calling and checking before going is advisable.