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Restaurants near tourist places

Restaurants near tourist places

Find your restaurant from the country/city/places using the table below or enter the name in the search:

Restaurants near top tourist places

Find restaurants near top tourist countries, cities and places around the world

Quick Search: North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa

Quick search: USA, Canada


Eatery places near me









Find restaurants near top tourist places in Canada

Eatery places near me, Canada tourist places

Quick search: Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta


British Columbia



Find restaurants near top tourist places in Australia

Eatery places near me

Find restaurants near top tourist places in Europe

Eatery places near me

Quick search: France, Spain, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Turkey





United Kingdom



Find restaurants near top tourist places in Asia

Eatery places near me

Quick search: China, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, India, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, UAE (Dubai), Bangladesh






South Korea



Restaurants in Africa

Have you traveled to tourist places and looked for restaurants when hungry? How often have you guessed where the nearest restaurant is when visiting your tourist destination? Then, after driving around and spending money on gas to find the restaurant, you realize the food could have been better. If you do a Google search, you may find many selections, but you may have to click on many pages to find the restaurant of your choice. Well, no more worries. Introducing Global Eateries.

What is Global Eateries?

Welcome to Global Eateries. It is a restaurant directory that serves as a guide for travelers and tourists around the world to find eatery places near me. It is dedicated to globetrotters and tourists looking for delicious dining experiences worldwide. Our main goal is to simplify travel by helping you quickly find restaurants near top destinations. No more lengthy Google searches: with just one click, you’ll discover countless dining options with hundreds of choices per location that fit your itinerary in one place. This directory is the most comprehensive guide to locate your restaurant near top tourist places.

Global Eateries has selected countries with the most visited tourists based on a few sites with a high Domain Authority Rating of 70 and over (DA/DR) from Ahrefs.

We have selected the following two sites to find the top countries with the most visitors during the pre-COVID and post-COVID periods.

The first source of information is from World Data, with 74 DR

The second source of our data is from Holidify, with 74 DR

Why Trip Advisor?

To find the top tourist places from different cities, we have used Trip Advisor as our leading site.

Tripadvisor, Inc. is an American company that operates online travel agencies, price comparison websites, and mobile applications including user-generated content. Travellers worldwide use the Tripadvisor website and app to browse more than 859 million reviews and opinions on 8.6 million accommodations, restaurants, experiences, airlines and cruises.

Michelin Star is a rating system developed by the French to identify the quality of restaurants using notation such as stars or other symbols or numbers. They are a well-known and popular symbol. A scale of one to three or five stars is often used. A five-star Michelin award is given to Michelin-rated chefs. One of the most famous guides is the Michelin series, which awards one to three stars to restaurants they deem very culinary. You will find many Michelin star-rated or five-star Michelin restaurants when you visit a particular tourist destination.

One MICHELIN Star is awarded to restaurants that use the best quality ingredients, with distinctive tasting dishes prepared to a consistently high standard. Two MICHELIN stars are awarded when a chef’s personality and talent are reflected in their skillfully crafted words; Their food is refined and inspired. Three MICHELIN stars are the highest award, given to chefs at the top of their profession for excellent cuisine. Their cooking has become an art, and some dishes will become classics.

As the Michelin Guide is a French institution and French cuisine is a fundamental gastronomic tradition that has informed and inspired modern haute cuisine worldwide, it should come as no surprise that France is also home to the most Michelin stars in the world.

Best way to find a restaurant location in Google Map Locator:

  • Click on the website which is linked with the restaurant name. See a sample below:
  • Find the exact location from the website as a restaurant may have multiple locations
  • For PC users, copy the name and address in the google map locator to find the exact location. See sample below:
* You can copy all 3 columns in the Google Map Locator search box as below:
  • For mobile users, copy only the address in the browser top search bar to find the exact location.

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