Restaurants in Paris

Best Restaurant in Paris

Best Restaurant in Paris

Are you a food lover looking to explore the culinary delights of Paris? Look no further than finding the best restaurants in the City of Light! In this article, you will discover the top dining establishments in Paris, from Michelin-starred fine dining restaurants to cozy bistros serving up classic French cuisine.

Take a virtual tour of Paris’s vibrant food scene, showcasing the diversity of flavors and cooking styles found in the city. Explore the history of French gastronomy, how to navigate a French menu, and the etiquette of dining in Parisian restaurants.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Paris or simply want to expand your knowledge of French cuisine, this article is perfect for food enthusiasts of all levels. Join us and discover why Paris is renowned as one of the culinary capitals of the world!

There is no city quite synonymous with excellent cuisine and fabulous food than Paris. It has reclaimed its status as one of the world’s favorite cities to eat. The French capital is bustling with a brilliant collection of restaurants.

As one of the top food destinations in the world, there’s no scarcity of well-known restaurants. From historic addresses to those made by celebrity diners, from romantic restaurants to Michelin-star spots.

Here, We round up some of the best Paris restaurants that are actually worth a visit.

1. Daroco Bourse

Situated at the end of the iconic Galeries Vivienne in the former flagship store for designer Jean-Paul Gaultier sits Daroco. Serving upscale, authentic Italian food in a jewel box of space to an in-the-know fashion crowd, a dinner at Daroco is both a feast for the eyes and stomach.

Location: 6 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris.

Operating hours: Every day from 12 pm-3 pm and 7 pm- 11 pm.

Phone: (0)142219371.

2. Le Café de La Paix

Located just a hop and a jump away from Paris’ iconic opera house, this gorgeous Right Bank restaurant has been an absolute must-see since its inception in 1862.

Expect classics like foie gras, cote de veau, and lamb shoulder served amid gorgeous paintings and a stunning interior design. The restaurant’s raw bar is outstanding for those who enjoy fresh seafood.

Location: 5 Plaza de L’Opera

Operating hours: Breakfast daily 8:00- 10:30; Lunch Mon-Fri 12:00-15:00 Sat, Sun 12:30- 15:30; Dinner daily 18:00-23:00.

Phone: 0140073636.

3. Bouillon Chartier

Bouillon Chartier is still one of the most cheap dinners in Paris. We’re talking about a two-euro entrée, ten-euro main dishes with meat and fish, and a selection of low-cost vins de table available in glass, bottle, and carafe sizes.

These classic dining halls, located in Replublique, Pigalle, Montparnasse, and the original Grand Boulevards, feature lofty ceilings, Art Deco-inspired décor, and a variety of traditional foods that guarantee to fill your stomach and wallet.

Location: 7 Rue du Faubourg Montamartrei Metro Grands Boulevards.

Operating hours: 7/7day from 11:30 am to midnight.

Phone: +33145491900

4. Chez Georges

Chez Georges, located just steps away from the Palais Royal and Jardin des Tuileries, is the ideal destination for traditional French cuisine presented in a classic wood-paneled setting.

The restaurant’s belly-warming cuisine features hearty classics like leg of lamb and beef tartare and a selection of French wine.

Chez Georges, located in the restaurant’s Sentier area, provides a blast from the past in one of the most enjoyable and savory ways, complete with white tablecloths and traditional French service.

Location: 1 rue du Mail,75002

Operating hours: Monday,18:00 – 02:00. Tuesday, 18:00 – 2:00

Phone: +33143267915.

5. Septime

Septime has one Michelin star and revised the criteria in 2014. Since then, it has been almost completely booked.

Lunch is five dishes, and dinner is seven, each with a revelatory course-by-course wine match that may transport you from the hallowed soil of the Cote de Nuits to the slopes of Mount Etna.

Each recipe focuses on a few ingredients: Meaty, barely cooked tuna served with a confit egg yolk; juniper-smoked beetroot with fermented red currants; asparagus in a creamy nettle sabayon; scallops skillfully balanced with kimchi slivers.

Location:80 rue De Charonne,75011 Paris, France.

Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 12:15 pm – 2 pm and 7:30 pm-11 pm.

Phone: +33143673829

6. Racines

Ten years after it opened, Simone Tondo transformed this lovely restaurant—a tiled, glazed nook inside a 19th-century arcade in Paris—into a prominent neo-bistro and advocate for natural wines.

Every day of the week, lunch and dinner are written on the chalkboard.

To start, tuck into some sublime finocchiona, which is homemade cured sausage with fennel seeds and some vitello tonnato or the creamiest burrata. Next, select from a huge veal chop alla Milanese, a perfectly cooked fish piece, or some exquisite pasta.

Location: 8 passage des panoramas,75002 Paris.

Operating hours: Open every day for lunch and dinner.


7.  Le Truffaut

Run by the same youthful, vibrant crew that brought Le Jourdain’s winning formula of affordable prices and excellent food to the city, this is the larger, newer sibling restaurant located on the 20th.

Though the lively, light-filled Le Truffaut is primarily filled with the sound of close friends laughing and clinking glasses, the food is what really draws people in.

A delightful menu with sophisticated modern reinterpretations and classic French dishes like oeufs mayonnaise, chou farci, and mousse au chocolat has been created.

A gorgeous crunchy nest of kadaif gives contrast to a petit pois veloute, shoestring fries and a powerful anchovy kick to steak tartare, and sweet potato finds its way into the crème brulee for dessert.

Location: 89 rue Trauffaut, 75017 Paris.

Operating hours: Mon – Fri. 12:00 – 15:00. 19:30 – 00:00. Sat-Sun. Close.

Phone: 0987566756.

8. Echizen SOBA TOGO

With its all-white decor and long wooden communal table, the little eatery is tucked away on a side street off the Tuileries gardens. It has the feel of a Japanese temple.

Echizen specializes in making handcrafted, hand-pulled soba (Japanese bucketwheat noodles) in-house. Every now and again, while you gulp the soup from your brutalist ceramic bowl, stop to watch the other diners—each one lost in a private daydream.

Location: 33 rue Saint-Roch,75001,Paris.

Operating hours: Mon – Fri. 12-2:30 pm. 7-10 pm.

Phone: +33173716923

9. PavYllon

This is a sumptuous way to cap off a morning spent admiring the newest exhibit at the Petit Palais. The Duval-Leroy Champagne from Vertus and the delicate breadsticks dipped in artichoke sauce successfully set the tone, combining rustic France with an elevated Parisian flare.

The meaty pigeon breast presented artistically on a slice of baguette and the smooth steamed Comte cheese soufflé create a lasting impression.

There are many inventive takes on traditional French dishes, such as sole chaud-froid with black truffle, piglet rib and black pudding, brill “millefeuille,” and a sandwich made with spinach and smoked cod roe.

Location: 8 Avenue Dutuit, 75008 Paris.

Operating hours: Open every day. Lunch is from noon to dinner from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm. Sundays: Brunch service from 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm.

Phone: +33153051010.

10. Pantobaguette

Great food is guaranteed, and conviviality is promised at Pantobaguette. Established by a group of friends, Paul, Anto, Tom, Barth, and Gauthier, this tapas restaurant specializes in Franco-Japanese fusion cuisine and has a distinct atmosphere.

Neon lights illuminate the corner bar and stud the walls of Pantobaguette. A concealed record player emits a funky soundtrack while servers merrily spin about their patrons, occasionally stopping to suggest food and match wines.

The food is always enjoyable, from takoyaki and elderflower tempura to sushi with pickled strawberries and fennel. Reservations are advised, particularly for dining; visit during lunch to take advantage of their midi-only sando deals.

Location:16 rue Eugene Sue, 75018, Paris.

Operating hours: Sun. 9 am – 2 am.  Mon – Fri. 7:30pm – 12am.

Phone: +33188484070.

11. Le Servan

Tatiana and Katia Levha, sisters born in the Philippines and raised in Paris, established Le Servan in 2014 to widespread acclaim. Tatiana, who trained in Michelin-starred kitchens such as L’AStrance and L’Arpege, specializes in sophisticated small plates that combine fresh French ingredients with Southeast Asian flavors.

The inventive and uncomplicated menu varies frequently, but seafood is always a prominent part; expect to see dishes like pan-fried scallops with spinach, bone marrow, smoked vinegar, or raw langoustines with vin jaune cream.

They are well-known for offering veal brain, which is frequently spiced with odd flavor combinations like chili, Tahitian lime, or gochujang butter.

There are a few French cheeses and desserts to choose from, but the Paris Brests, a choux pastry ring packed with nutty praline cream, are a constant. Reservations are only accepted by email or phone.

Location: 32 Rue Saint-Maur,75011 Paris.

Operating hours: Mon – Sunday 8:30 am – 10:30 pm.

Phone: +33155285182.


When choosing high-end and affordable eateries that offer an authentic and insider experience of a destination, looking for stand-out dishes, a great location and warm service, Paris has a dozen restaurants worth a visit.

Find restaurants near tourist destinations for your selection of eateries.

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